Fire Couldn’t Keep This Mama Away- Amazing Story!

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    A mother has an extremely strong instinct to protect her children. This is even very evident with animals. Many times a mother will have no regard for her own life, putting herself in grave danger to save her baby. This is a true story of a cat named Scarlett who became well known for her heroic behavior…

    Fire Couldn’t Keep This Mama Away- Amazing Story!

    Scarlett’s harrowing ordeal began when she and her kittens were living in an abandoned garage, that suddenly caught fire. As the Fire Department began to gain control over the fire, they noticed Scarlett carrying each of her kittens one by one out of the fiery garage. She suffered multiple life threatening injuries, including blistered eyes, face, and paws being severely burned. She could only feel with her nose to see if she had each kitten safely outside. This is truly a heart wrenching story. Watch the video to see what happened to Scarlett and her kittens… (original video clips from 1996)



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