Meow Facts About Felines You Didn’t Know

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    Interesting facts.  Funny facts. General facts. Intense facts.  You name it, this info graphic has it all for you today. Facts about felines is quite interesting especially when they start talking chewing on leaves and hating certain smells around your house.

    Meow Facts About Felines You Didn’t Know

    And what is this about “saying hello” with their what doing what? They must be pulling out leg, right? And watch out for those white furry friends with blue eyes and deaf – what? unless what is present?

    Oh my, we really need your help in determining if anything in this info graphic is actually true.   I mean, we don’t want to be putting out wrong information – especially found on an “INFO” graphic that infers, by it’s very name, it’s going to be informational – you know, bearing some truth in it all, right?

    I haven’t a clue. Just read the info graphic ad share your comments below…..quick, before I go insane over all this “info” stuff….

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